A little girl with two pony tails wearing her favorite frock with flowers would often lay in her garden on many sunny days and look at the clouds above. She used to feel one with the world, as if the clouds are her friends and the sun is watching over them like a teacher would in her classroom filled with chaos and laughter. The clouds reminded her of all her favorite things that she had learnt to pronounce only recently, “Rabbits”, “Dogs”, “Ice-Cream”, “Flower”. She loved spending time with her friends, the clouds, who didn’t say a word but comforted her, who would leave on some days but would always come back with the same amount of love and comfort.

With the same hope and innocence she looked for those comforting clouds in her friends. 

But later did she realize that the clouds that she tried to touch and store in her friends were only an illusion, they can not be touched, they will leave, they aren’t “Rabbits”, “Dogs”, “Ice-Cream”, “Flower”. They are a reflection of her own world that she refuses to give up.

She saw that friends leave and many a times, never come back.
Even on the sunniest of days, clouds might not be there. On rainy days, clouds might be the ones making it rain.

But she still wears her hair in a pony-tail and lies down in her terrace every once in a while thinking about her friends, thinking about the clouds that she still hopes will come back one day.


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  1. Ishita Lakra says:

    This is so relatable!


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